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Welcome to our summary of frequently asked questions about the latest Fiat 500 range. This is a great resource for anyone thinking about buying one of these perennially popular retro-styled small hatchbacks. The latest iteration of this model employs an economical and more environmentally friendly 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol internal combustion engine with a 6 speed manual gearbox. This modern powertrain harvests energy when you brake or decelerate for use in other driving applications such as 'Coasting Mode' or in the 'Stop-Start Phase' some manufacturers give this the title 'Self-Charging Hybrid' these are the same philosophy. 


As iconic as ever, the super-stylish 2023 New Fiat 500 Mild Hybrid range is more efficient and refined than predecessors. Employing the latest environmentally conscious technology, the Mild Hybrid system assists with economy, acceleration and improves responsiveness, the engine also restarts quicker in the environmentally friendly Start & Stop phase.

  • Nippy around town and simple to park.
  • Easy access, comfortable and great visibility.
  • Latest styling looks fresh & contemporary.
  • Economical with sophisticated powertrain and latest Mild Hybrid technology.
  • Safe with ABS, advanced electronic stability control and a total of seven airbags.


  • Relax with Cruise Control and peace of mind with Speed Limiter function.
  • Hill hold function holds the brakes to prevent rolling backwards. So easy on slight inclines.
  • Great control in all conditions and emergencies thanks to ABS brakes and ESC stability control.
  • Quietly harvests energy to store in a second battery for Start & Stop phase and New Coasting option.


  • Fun with the standard 7” Touchscreen radio DAB and fingertip controls
  • Bluetooth functionality for mobile phone calls and music streaming
  • With Apple & Android CarPlay support you can connect your smart phone to the Uconnect™ 7” HD display & open up a world of in-car suitable Apps like Spotify music streaming and Waze satellite navigation. *Subject to suitability of your phone.

Powertrain [1.0 Mild Hybrid Petrol ICE]

  • Max Power (HP) 70
  • Max Torque (Nm / rpm) 92 @ 3500
  • Top Speed (mph) 104
  • Emissions WLTP Combined CO2 (g/km) 106-118
  • Acceleration 0-62 mph (s) 13.8
  • Economy WLTP Combined Consumption (mpg) 61.4 – 54.3

Dimensions Fiat 500 [Hatchback & Convertible] 

  • Fiat 500 Width (mm) 1893
  • Fiat 500 Length (mm) 3571
  • Fiat 500 Height (mm) 1488

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