Fiat 500 Automatic Review

Information about Fiat 500 Automatic for you. City cars are at their best when combined with an automatic gearbox. So, whether you are only able to drive a car with two pedals due to licence constraints or for convenience, a 500 ‘Dualogic’ Automatic is a great choice not least the enduring retro styling and colours too!

I will elaborate on the small technical distinction between a regular automatic and a Dualogic gearbox. ‘Proper’ auto transmissions rarely make an appearance on smaller Automatic (A & B Sector) cars. This is due to the complicated way they work, extra weight over a manual, the subsequent compromises to the suspension settings and the prohibitive cost versus the typical price of an affordable smaller hatchback.

The solution? A ‘robotised’ automatic version of a low maintenance, strong and durable manual gearbox. All the convenience of an auto, without compromises.

In a similar way to BMW’s SMG (Semi-Manual Gearbox) and the SMART ForTwo, a Dualogic Auto does not creep forward when you engage drive, the car picks up speed when you press the accelerator pedal. It is simplicity itself to move forward or reverse. On the move, this style of gearbox also changes gears very smoothly and efficiently. For the environmentally conscious there is a virtually imperceptible ‘Stop-Start’ function to cut emissions while waiting in traffic and at junctions.

The Fiat 500 is available in many configurations and improving specifications; both hatchback and convertible called a 500c and two engines the most popular being the 1.2 litre petrol 4 cylinder with 69bhp. Also available is a more technical 2-cylinder turbo called a ‘TwinAir’ with 85bhp. A 500c TwinAir Automatic representing the most niche model available in any 500 specification.

So, if you regularly find yourself in traffic or are reliant upon an automatic, the 500 Automatic City Car may be the perfect choice. Diminutive, economical, and with a City Steering lightweight function so simple to park.

The 500 Automatic is a great low depreciating retro styled alternative and available in many specifications to suit everyone.

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